Thursday, August 16, 2007

I'm in Yarn HEAVEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Talk about yarn coma? These are the latest eBay yarns that all came in today. I was beside myself in yarn nirvana. They are so soft and smooth especially the 4 hanks fo MYC Wool/Silk yarn from New Mexico. It is a thick -thin bulky and I have 560 yds of that. So I figure maybe a scarf or hat will use up 280 yds. Then I will save the rest of that colorway.

The 3 pictures are from Mirari Crafts from Scotburn, NS Canada. The first reminds me of a Macaw Parrot and this is 1-ply pure wool @ 450 yds. The second is the same type of yarn and remoinds me of the Christmas holiday and the 2 hanks give a total of 900 yds. the third picture is from same company and the colorway reminds me of a desert sunset and this too is 900 yds. The final picture is yarn from Yarntopia Treasures from New Mexico it is a Superwash Merino Wool in fingering weight (1-ply) 560 yds. So now I do need a ball winder for my yarn. I have the yarn swift already. My office craft room is about half way done just 2 more walls to paint the base color and then I will just havethe stenciling to do. I figure if I stencil some "huge" 18-inch circles in say an antique white that will off-set the bumble bee yellow walls, plus I will be able to then stencil inside of these also and them make smaller circles whre I can stencil encouraging and creative words. Well it is 2:47 in the morning and I still need to get some sleep cause the sun do rise arely in the mornin' lol. Everyone have a nice day!!

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Kim said...

OMG! Those yarns are just lovely!

Thanks for stopping by my blog again. I had misplaced the addy for your blog and haven't had much time to research it.

I would love to meet you some time. I can't believe we are moving after just 9 months here. Guess I better get back to packing. Yeah. NOT!