Thursday, August 9, 2007

Joined a new Swap

Hey all,

I forgot to mention that I joined a new swap called Christmas Around the World Knitters. I think that is the correct name. Anyway I am so excited to find out how this one will run. Today I got my Addi needles that I won on eBay and also some new yarn as well. The ran is for another shwl but then agaon it might be 2 scarves instead. I am trying to get a jump on the Christmas holiday thing this year. Anyway it is almost midnight and soon to be Friday and I need to get some sleep busy day tomorrow must finish up painting this weekeend. Then get my office craft room done so I can start putting things back in their. Well the little onese are quiet now. They have had their share of barking at kitty. Kitty is our housemates cat. So far so good no major happenes between the aniumals thanks the good Lord lol. Y'all have a nice night an will write more this weekend.



PS I thought I would showl you my lateset eBay winnings!!

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