Saturday, September 15, 2007

Fall Felted Bag Exchange ~ Progress report

These pictures show the different colors I am using. I figured that I would use black to make a odd band in the striping sequence. I'll do that row later this evening.

Well I have been working almost every night on this project. It relaxes me so I tend to work on tis at night. I am using the following yarns for this one: Cascade and Cascade Quattro; Nashua Handknits in worsted, chunky and wooly stripes and Bernat Boa. It is beign done in the garter stitch so far I might toss in maybe a little purl row here and there just to make it a little interesting. I am trying to decide if I want to make a flap for this or not. Then the straps I am looking at thick knitted one(s) or maybe double I-cord looped through grommets. But I have plenty of time to decide. I hope my pall will like it.

Anyway I need to stop will make another entry after dinner and when we come back from church. Tonight is prayer and we are going becuase tomorrow is a special day for Michael and I. Catch up to ya later my gator!


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Pennie said...

oooh i like the purse, i have been reading the blogs on the FFBE to see if I can figure out which one might be mine. I think one!