Monday, September 10, 2007

Today is 1st Anniversary ~ The waiting game ~ It's killing me

Today is our first wedding anniversary. A year already!! WooHoo, it is strange because it does not seem like a year has passed. Michael wanted to surprise me by taking me away on Sunday night to Kemah broadwalk, but something needed to be taken care of. He was really upset, he said he wanted to do something very special for me since I surpised him for his birthday. I told him not to worry, to me it is the little things that count. I got him a nice card and I am going to cook a special dinner, he got me a dozen of Flash Baccara roses and a beautiful card. We are going to go and have our picture taken today as well. Anyway on with the knitting chapter:

WAITING for the yarn
Well I have been waiting for my yarn to arrive for the Secret of the Stole Kal that begins in October to arrive. I am going batty with anticipation. I have never used Cashwool before so I want to get my hands on it "NOW" lol. I am also going to be doing the Mystery Stole Kal and I am toying with the idea of als doing the Heere Be Dragons Kal as well. I just love lace knitting though I have to learn how to do grafting, but I think the Yarn Doctor can help me with that one. Plus I need to find a tuturial on the backward loop cast on. I have been working on several things so I have been busy.
Plus I called DELL on Thursday regarding my 26" monitor/tv. It just switched off in the middle of me typing a document and would not go back on. Well when I called DELL they said the warranty had expired. When I told them that it was purchased in Dec. 2006 from Aarons the customer service rep asked me to hold the line. When she came back on she said that it was not fixable. Then she said where do you want your order shipped to, I was confused so when she told me that DELL was sending me a brand spankin' NEW one!!! Ok, just knock me the heck out ok. I could not believe it!! So gave her all the pertinant information. She said it would take 3-5 business days. Well Guess what arrive just 10 minutes ago on the bright, sunny and hot Houston day? My new Monitor. When Michael gets home he will hook the new one up and then we will use the same packaging and box to ship the old one back to DELL. I tell you DELL is an awesome company to do business with and they stand behind thier products 100%!! Well I need to get moving have to shower and get ready so we can do the pictures. Plus another special event will be taking place (no I am not pregnant to relax y'all) will explain in the next post! Have an awesome week y'all.



Kim said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!!! Have a wonderful evening.

UniquelymeNana said...

Thanks Kim! We did have anice quiet evening Nice dinner and a movie and had our somewhat formal pictures taken as well. Have you pretty much settled in now?