Saturday, September 15, 2007

New Things in the home

Well I just realized that I need to post some new pictures. This past week was a great one my new TV/Monitor from DELL arrived on Monday. I wasn't expecting it to arrive until Friday! I am back on track now I can read emails and etc. without having to wear my glasses now. Plus Angus can take up his rightful place laying infront of the monitor now because there is room for him.

On Tuesday my DH cut his shoulder length hair. It was hard on me because I loved the fact that he was growing his hair out. But we are in MIT class at church and it was one of the requirements/preferences for where we attend church currently.

But let me tell you I think he looks younger and sexy with short hair. I tease him, every once in a while I will whistle at him and he turns red lol. Now I just havve to show him how to use a little gel and he'll be all set. Well that is all for now I am going to go and knit a bit before calling it a night. Will post again soon!



Knitman said...

Oh that tv screen! I wan tone a big one for our lounge but can't justify the expenditure right now.
As for that hair-I am astounded a church would require a haircut! Even more astounded you agreed.
Jesus was a long haired hippy type!

UniquelymeNana said...

Well I agreed because my husband wzas going to cut it regardless. So I picked out the cut. I know Jesus had long hair. But my husband wants to be used in ministry and the length of his hair was stopping that. But we are only there for a season, to learn what ever it is we need to learn then we will be off.