Thursday, October 4, 2007

Check out my yarn score & Granny's cold Remedy

Well it has been a crazy few days her in the Watkin's household. DH had the flu and it finally broke last night and now he looks and feels much better now. The girls have colds, and I have the sniffles. But my great garand mother's cold remedy is hot at work kicking out what ever I have lol. The remedy is: 1 small onion thinly sliced; 1.5 lemons thinly sliced. The put in a pan with 1 cup of water and boil till onions and lemons are just about transparent and most of the water is gone. I add a little ginger root to it as well (my little addition). Then add a little over .5 cup of honey and turn flame down and cook until everything is a nice golden brown then add .25 cup of good bourbon whiskey. I use Wild Turkey 101 and cooking until thick. Then let it cool down and put into a small mason jar and let it sit on the counter and take 1-2 teaspoons a day until cold is gone. It may take yucky, but boy I'll tell you it works better than antibiotics.

Then there is the matter of my yarn score. I got 20 balls of Louisa Harding's Kimono Angora , I call it a "BIG" score because it is being sold at 40% discount!! So instead paying $220, I paid $132!! This is the yarn that I have selected for the special shawls that I am making to honor the women in my family. The first one is going to my grandmother, she is 88 and has Alzheimer's and in a nursing home. She was back in the day a force to be reconked with. Well I need to get my butt moving as I have to go to the VA this morning will right more later! Have a great day!




Dorothy said...

Congrats on your great yarn score! I'm making a note of your grandmother's cold remedy.

UniquelymeNana said...

Thanks! Dorothy yes I consider it truly a score. I prayed and asked God to help me find the right yarn and tht it be on sale!! The cold remedy I'll tell you tastes yucky but it works. It's think so you have to chew it. I take a teaspoon chew and drink tea or juice after it lol. My bronchitis is breaking up and I am starting to feel better. You have a Blessed weekend!!