Saturday, October 20, 2007

The finished purse & Looky looky I got my purse from Sarah

Hey y'all

Well I took the package for my partner Robin to the post today and ended up using one of the so called mail plus places. Never again they're highway robbery people!! My packaged weighed 5 lbs. 12 ounces and I was charged for 6 lbs. It was 22.95 to send package It's All Good . From now on I will make sure I have the correct time the PO is open or I will use the online pick up via USPS online.

Anyway I received my package from Sarah (last picture on the right) and all I can say is WOW , Awesome , Outstanding . I love the colors and the size is perfect to carry one if not two projects in. I actually used my purse today when I went to wedding with my DH. He really likes it also and I got some nice goodies the candies he scooped them up and I said ok you can have them. But the Pretzels well sorry Charlie hands off, these be mine lol. I got some cute post-its that are the perfect size for me to use for marking the place of patterns I like in my books. I also got a pattern and some yummy Trekking yarn. I have never used this yarn before and I am anxious to fine the right pattern. I like to wear shorty socks about 1-3 inches above the ankle or ones that are hidden when you wear them with sneakers. I received several comments on the purse when we were at the wedding.

I also have pictures of the finished bag and goodies that I have sent to Robin (those are the top photo's). I think she will really like the purse. She wanted something that she could carry some things in addition to knitting projects. I lined it with gradient colored satin and added 4 pockets tht are outlined with black grograin ribbon. It was so much fun creating this purse I used my own pattern and it came out better than I expected and that makes me feel real happy. I stuffed it full of goodies too! Well it is late the girls arrived at 9:45 tonight and grammy will pick them up at 8 tomorrow morning and then they'll be back Sunday at 7:30 p.m.

Oh and my needles from arrived today. They are one of the things from my wish list that Michael got for me. The color is called "African Queen". So I will be transferring the blue shawl to those needles tonight!! So I will have that picture posted tomorrow in the blog.

Well y'all have a great night I going to take my coffeeWoman In Rollers (yes I have culers in my hair till it dries, then they come out.) Can't sleep in them any more they hurt my head lol.

Big Hug & Blowing Kisses,



N. Maria said...

Ha! We have a Mail Plus place, too, and they charge about $1.00 more for a package that would normally cost $1.48 at the USPS.
I find that the Flat Rate box for $8.95 is wonderful for heavy items and gets there in two days!
I love your purse from Sarah. Those are definitely my colors. ;)
You did an absolutely beautiful job on the purse to Robin. Wow!

Dorothy said...

Both bags are beautiful!

Shawnee said...

I love those handles! Great job!!