Sunday, October 7, 2007

Help I am surrond by sick people

This past week has been so crazy and draining!! My DH got sick for 2 days and seemed to get better only to get hit hard again by this flu or what ever he's got. But I think it could be something else and I am praying it is not walking pneumonia. Today was a free day for me as the little ones spent the day with their Grammy. they will be back tomorrow and the sound a little children laughing will fill the house again. I love watching the babies for our dear friend Cat. The youngest is almost 3 months old and so alert now and she loves the bouncy seat I got her. So now when she is fussy I just strap her in and push the button and it gentle vibrates the seat and the motion seems to quiet her down, I call her my little lamb chop. Her big sister is 17 months and she is scooter bug lol. She is a sweety as well. I have them on a schedule so things are a bit better. So that helps not only me but their Grammy as well.

My knitting has been neglected for a few days since I've been Auntie and nurse to everyone. By the time I sit down I am exhausted and all I want to do it sleep a little lol. I am working like crazy to get my bag done for the fall felted bag exchange. I am just finishing up the knitting then the felting will be done and I figure it will take maybe 1-2 days to dry and then I will decide if I will line it or not.

Then I have to finish gathering the goodies for the box! I am going to send some pictures to my mom to ask for her advice on the stole. I am participating in the secret of the stole and I have 3 different beads to choose from and I would like to get her input. It boils down to this do I want shiny contrast, or matte rainbow or go with shiney nuetrals. So a second opinion will be nice. Well it is 9:31 and I need to check my little man Angus I think he has scatched his ear and broke the skin so I want o check it our and treat it with antibiotic ointment after I clean it so it won't get infected.

So y'all have a Good Night and even though tomorrow is Monday, Have A Nice Day ,


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