Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Finally Bag is felting!!

Woohoo Yeah Baby Finally it is done!! I finished bag at 4 this morning and felted it, put in dryer on the shaper for 10 minutes and now it is air drying the rest of the way!! Talk about having fun this is the best one so far that I have felted and shaped. The bottom of the bag did not felt as well as the rest but that is okay because this one will be lined. The first picture shows bag on floor. Why is it on the floor you ask? Well Rita and Angus decided they did not want it in moma's chair and pulled it off. Thank goodness they aren't the type that likes to pull the yarn lol.

The lining I chose is a satin lining with gradient purple coloring, and the handles are black beaded ones. This time since the bag has a wider opening I will make a draw string closure. I an now trying to figure out how to make a zippered pocket on the inside, and I will have one for some needles and one for yarn to be held. I just love doing things like this. Well when I finish it I will post another picture of the finished project. I have the goodies to go in the box as well as some yarn too. Today the weather is a little humid after the rain, but at least we did not get a deluge of rain. Whgen I post the package I will begin my next purse for another exchange and also make a hat for the cure in a pink colorway. Well I need to get dinner started so will stop for now. Have a great day!!


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Knitting Keep Me sane said...

I love the bag and the liner is so pretty. Nice job you knit wonderful items.