Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Red Sox World Series Winners & Patriots hauled hinney and kicked but on Sunday!!

Well my granddaughter Daja was celebrating cause her team (Boston Red Sox) won the series I was excited about that as well. But I tell ya the Patriots kicked some serious butt on Sunday and all I can say is Woohoo src="http://smileys.smileycentral.com/cat/23/23_30_125.gif" width=83 border=0>, Yeah Baby, It's All Good, WOW, Outstanding, Awesome. Yes I am a die hard Patriots fan. I know some Texan fans do not like it but hey DEAL WITH IT!!
I will have some pictures to post after my trip to the Fiber Festival with my friends Sonya and Linda that is next Friday and return Saturday night. A Knitting ladies weekend Woohoo.
My friend Sonya is so awesome and such a wonderful and caring person. She gave me the directions for the entrelac bag and even had the one that she made at the KANG meeting and it is "HUGE" and I thought that the colors looked nice. I will be using black (as my base color), camel, espresso and rust for my other color choices.

Was a crazy weekend had the girls over the weekend. But not Sunday night and I did nothing but sleep I was totally exhausted. DH was doing the dinner theater they had at church he had a part to play in it. I'll get to watch the DVD of it. Tomorrow is part one of the stress test that I need to do both parts so I can get surgical clearance for my surgery. I will also be having my foot checked again and find out when that surgery will be. Well I am off to bed need to be rested for the test! Have A Nice Day


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