Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Going to my first Fiber , Yarn etc show!!

Hi all,

Well today I finally got a chance to call my friend Sonya today. She is going to teach me Entralac I am so excited !! Plus she has invited me to the Kids n Ewe & Llamas too fiber/yarn Festival event that is going to be in Boerne, TX from 11/9-1111. I am so jazzed about it because they are having work shops and ther are 3 that I want to take. One is Drp spindle spinning and the the dyeing workshops. I do want to learn how to spin with the wheel but that will have to wait till the spring or next fall. But drop spindle is easier and spindle is not as costly as getting muy own wheel.

I have transfered my shades of blue Forest Canopy onto my glass needles. I think I like these better than the Addi Turbos. I mean these needles feel so sleek and lovely in my hands. I think I might get my mom a pair for either Christmas or Mother's Day!! My DH said he will get me another apir for Christmas. Yes he does spoil me, he said it makes it easier because he knows that I really enjoy knitting so much that he can't go wrong with getting me things that are connected to knitting.

I have laready gotten 2 of his Christmas gifts lined up. A digital camera and a dragon to add to his collection. Plus now since we watch the little ones during the day I get to run errands by myself and I can get things and he won't see then lol. We are planning on taking a trip this year and I am checking the prices for 2 types of travel flying or driving. It will be wonderful to take a trip together. Well it is late 1:30 in the wee hours of Tuesday morning and I am off to bed but not before I post picture of my daughter , grand daughters and grandmother and my parents. I miss my family dearly and hope tht they will be able to visit soon. Well blogger is having a problem with the upoad link so I guess I will post those pictures later today. Have a great day and enjoy the "brisk" fall weather!!


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Kimberly said...

I want to try Entrelac too. I recently saw a coat/jacket someone knit using it in a portion of the body. It added a nice detail to it.

I'm impressed that you've started your Christmas shopping list. Normally I've started mine by now but I'm already running behind.